Swimming Pool Filtration

Swimming Pool Filtration

Our company is widely appreciated for offering swimming pool filtration plants to the clients. The swimming pool filtration plant is a very innovative product. We have brought the whole machinery room of your swimming pool on a trolley that can be moved as per your needs.

The trolley is fitted with a filter, a motor pump and all other necessary piping and fittings. The swimming pool water can be cleaned by placing the moving filtration plant alongside the swimming pool. There is no need of buried pipelines. All the work is done by flexible hose pipes that come along with the moving filtration plant.

Various water bodies and swimming pools can be cleaned with a single trolley mounted swimming pool filtration plant. Just move the trolley to the next pool after the first swimming pool is cleaned up.

The trolley can also be fitted with various other equipment such as UV Disinfection system, Ozone System, chemical Dozers etc. The System comes with different sizes of filter and pumps.
This system is best suited where there are various water bodies or no pipelines have been buryed under the swimming pool.


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