Stainless Steel Water Softeners

Stainless Steel Water Softeners

Matching up with the ever-increasing requirements of the customers, our company is engaged in providing Stainless Steel Water Softener. We offer Stainless Steel Water Softeners in various sizes ranging from 200 litres/hr up to 500 m3/hr and above. These units are available in Stainless Steel option. Units are manufactured using stainless steel pressure vessel, internal distribution and collection system, multiport or individual valves, piping, salt tank, test kit etc.

These water softeners are perfectly engineered and smoothly finished. The impurities like calcium and magnesium ion of raw water do not affect the stainless steel structure of our plants. After the production, these steel water softeners are sent to the quality checking department for approval. The delivery of our softeners is done in a safe and secure mode without any delay.

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