Packaged Drinking Water Plants

Packaged Drinking Water Plants

As people become more health-conscious, the demand for bottled water is increasing at a rapid rate. Bottled water provides easy transportability and assured water quality.

With our several years of experience in the Water Treatment Field, we have developed comprehensive, economically viable packages, such that the capital outlay is optimized. Our packages are offered in modules so that they can be upgraded at a later date as the demand increases. Typically a Packaged Drinking Water Plant may consist of:

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Packaging Plant

The Water Treatment Plant consists of One or All of the below-mentioned process:

Chlorine/Hypochlorite Dosing System
Chlorine/Hypochlorite dosing system is done in the raw water for disinfection/oxidation of iron and manganese (if present) in the water before filtration. sodium hypochlorite reacts with water to form hypochlorite acids which act as a disinfecting agent.

Pressure Sand Filter
Raw Water is first filtered by the filtration unit in series prior to feeding the RO Plant. Pressure Sand Filter unit is provided for removal of Suspended Matters & Turbidity from raw water.

Activated Carbon Filter
Basic Natural water may contain Colour, Odour, Chlorine & Organics in different proportion, which is undesirable for portable application, and hence, it is necessary to remove the same from the water. The Activated Carbon Filter removes Chlorine, Odour, & Colour, Pesticides, Organics, and Inorganics Impurities while passing the water through Carbon Bed.

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