Mixed Bed DM Plants

Mixed Bed DM Plants

Industrial Mixed Bed Deionizers are designed to produce high purity treated water required by the pharmaceuticals and electronic industries. These deionizers can be used as polishing units after two-bed deionizers or directly to obtain high purity water. Mixed Bed Deionizers are single column units, filled with strongly acidic cation and strongly basic anion exchange resins mixed together evenly. Dissolved solids in the water are thus removed, producing water of very high quality - conforming to IP specifications of purified water. The treated water, however, is not free from bacteria and pyrogen.

Sunwat Offers:

  • MSRL, FRP and SS Vessels as per requirement
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic featured filters for any suitable capacity
  • Pneumatic and electrical operated automatic valves controlling frontal pipework
  • Automatic control and electrical cabinet
  • Flow rate up to 50 m3/hr max

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