Mild Steel Rubber Lined Two Bed DM

Mild Steel Rubber Lined Two Bed DM

We are offering Mild Steel Rubber Lined Two Bed DM water plant in various sizes ranging from 500 litres/hr up to 100 m3/hr and above. These are manufactured using mild steel rubber lined pressure vessel, internal distribution and collection system, multiport or individual valves, piping, ventury for acid or alkali injection, solution tanks, for acid and caustic, test kit, conductivity meters etc. These units are available with multiport or individual valves. We offer polystyrene divinylbenzene (resin) of either ion exchange make or Lanxess make for producing better water quality.

Special Features:

  • Pre-assembled, factory tested systems, compact, easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Mild steel rubber lined vessels, msrl piping & ciel valves
  • The system requires only water, electrical and drain supply and can be installed in a day.
  • Multiport control valves or individual valves for easy operation of the system and electrical controls with all interlocks

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