High Pressure Pump

High Pressure Pump

Sunwat is one of the most renowned high pressure pumps manufacturers in India. High pressure pumps and frameworks fabricated by Sunwat are ideal for client needs. The pumps are accessible in electric and also motor-driven engine with different choices of coupling and mounting according to the client's application requirements. Apart from that, these High pressure pumps are strong and formulated for both discontinuous and persistent obligation cycles.

Our high pressure pumps are the most creative and are highly productive for different applications like testing, showering, cutting, cleaning, descaling, exchanging of liquids, pressure infusion and so on. That’s why we are known to be the best high pressure pumps manufacturers.

Salient Features

  • Low cost pump for high service life
  • Rugged design for continuous duty application
  • Top open power frame for easy maintenance
  • Speed reduction External gearbox
  • Fluid end designed for in-place replacement rings
  • Gear box or pulley driven systems

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